Claudio Coello Planta 2

   – Approximate área: 55 m²

   – Initial Budget: EUR 45,000

   – Execution Timing: 16 weeks

As to the property located at Claudio Coello 97 piso 2, InOff Arquitectura technical team, based on an apartment which had been last refurbished in 1990 and which distribution made a poor use of light, was requested to develop a refurbishment project which would add value; in our opinion, this involved increasing light and enhancing the existing materials. This was not a very complicated task, since it was evident that the use of light in the internal apartment and of the second floor did not represent a premise for the former tenant. This item was fundamental to our project, which considered the bedroom/living room a privileged area, integrating the kitchen in the space used for the living room, and only leaving the bathroom as a separate element from the whole, in the darkest corner of the floor.
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