Intermundial Offices | INOFF


 – Approximate área: 685m2

 – Initial Budget: EUR 70,000

 – Execution Timing: 9 weeks

Our challenge in this project developed for our Client, an insurance company specializing in travel, was not only to provide a nice space to live in, but to conduct an urban planning and permit research to make an intensive use of spaces. The aim was to insert part of its call centre staff in the available space, which required that we include 76 people.
In addition, since the company has various business lines, developing the layout required considering a physical separation which could allow for the integration of the different spaces at times. To such end, the InOff Arquitectura design team designed certain revolving elements which allowed integrating or separating spaces by simply turning them around.
The result was so nice and satisfactory for our Client that it requested that we enhance the spaces located at Irún 7, Madrid.
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