– Approximate área: 650 m²

   – Initial Budget: EUR 78,000 

   – Execution Timing: 8 weeks

This nice project was developed in two very different stages, not only regarding execution but also in connection with time. The first stage involved a total area of about 7,535 sq. ft. for implementing the call centre, workshop, materials warehouse and backoffice of this insurance company. For this stage, the client was still working in its previous space, so InOff Arquitectura technical team did not have much time because the deadlines were tight, but it worked quite comfortably.
During the second stage, the challenge was bigger because the SPB Ibérica team was fully operating in the final location. The works were performed in three stages, with the client working there, enclosing spaces and performing continuous site clean-ups during weekends and after hours with the only purpose of performing the work expected by the client from our team.
Finally, when the spaces were completed, a dividing wall was demolished during the weekend and both spaces were joined together. The client continued with its operations the following Monday, so they were unaffected.
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