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TC Global

   – Approximate área: 200 m²

   – Initial Budget: EUR 40,000

   – Execution Timing: 7 weeks

This nice office located at Serrano street in the downtown neighbourhood of Salamanca from the intense work performed by our technical team. We defined two spaces which had to be independent, and a space where the two of them were merged. In the first one we were required to focus on the customer area, where the reception desk visual aspect prevailed, with the chimney painted black to single it out, and the meeting room and partners’ offices. In the second one, the staff or backoffice area, characterized by open spaces, bathrooms, binding areas, and rack areas, among others.
The merger was effected by means of a wildcard space that could be turned into a cafeteria both for customers and employees, located next to the kitchen and connected with two doors.
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